• "FINANCE BOOK" Accounting Software

    Being developed by “The best of two worlds” team of software engineers and stock market experts, with a purpose of bringing professional securities market players an unparalleled comprehensive solutions for the automation of daily accounting processes.
  • Finance Book

    An application for internal accounting of local securities and foreign securities with integration into banks' CRM systems.
  • We provide our customers

    With a complete range of business process automation services!
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  • Advantages of our products
  • Technical capability

Advantages of our products

Achieve fluency in daily operations with high level of personal customization and intuitive interface.

Developing possibilities

Software can be further developed by the user


Report customization and development facilities


Flexible tariff plan adjustment


Data reconciliation and processing

Technical capability

Our technical capabilities are important for both ensuring highest quality in our software

Report forms

Mandatory report form document formation


Configuration in accordance with internal documents of credit institution and investment company pertaining to internal accounting

Data protection

Data protection against unauthorized access at the authority delimitation level


Recording of transaction operator, date and time data in the operation logs

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